Communication is Key

Communication is key to success.

As a Field Developer my main goal is to evaluate and mentor young men and women interested in the Air Force Special Operations career path. Regardless of which special operations career field you are drawn to, if you struggle to effectively communicate you will struggle during the entire accession process. All field developers are former operators; current certified personal trainers, and many have decades of relevant physical training experience. My number one complaint about most applicants and candidates is that they don’t communicate their training plans, accomplishments, illnesses, wins, or losses to me as their assigned developer. 

Many times I have an applicant fail a PAST, but still be accepted into development. After their initial PAST failure, they don’t check in with training plans or progress then show up at the next PAST. Typically they fail the same areas of the PAST and want to know what they can do in order to be more successful. The answer is always the same. If I don’t know what you are doing, its difficult to give proper training advice. Communicate your workouts to the developer so that they can make modifications, and suggestions specifically towards your goals. Following a generic running program you found online will not help you succeed, running 1.5 miles every day mimicking the PAST will not help you be successful. Training to muscle failure every day will frustrate you when you continue to fail. 

If you cannot effectively communicate during your time in the DEP what makes you think you will be an effective communicator later in your career? Start practicing now. 

Pararescue – Must clearly and effectively communicate a patients injuries and medical requirements to a higher echelon of care. Often this communication is taking place in a high stress and loud environment while actively treating patients injuries. 

Combat Control/TACP – Must clearly and effectively communicate to aerial assets during extremely high stress environments, often under direct/indirect enemy fire. 

SOWT – Must clearly and effectively communicate tactical advisories in real time, based on terrain analysis, weather data, and historical trends, often having mission success hinging on their decisions. 

SERE – Must clearly and effectively communicate to students in and out of a classroom environment often during times of inclement and austere weather and environmental conditions.   

EOD – Must clearly and effectively communicate risk to fellow teammates, often with ineffective communication resulting in loss of life, limb, or significant damage valuable property and equipment. 

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Candidate patiently listening to directions.

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